Tuition and Financial Support

A solid investment in their future. 

One of the first questions parents ask when considering a Catholic education for their child is “Can we afford it?” Our mission is to make a quality, Catholic education accessible to every family that desires one for their child.

The early years of your child’s education will set the tone for them. Their experience now will shape their minds and hearts. You’ll notice St. Katharine Drexel is different.

  • Individualized learning
  • Social and emotional skills
  • Christ-centered principles
  • Specialized education programs for individual learning styles

Financial Support

We believe that a Catholic education will set a foundation of faith, integrity, respect, love, and grace. To make it available to those who desire this for their children, there are three main financial contributors.

Our faith-based covenant model asks families to prayerfully consider what they can contribute to their child’s education. We work with each family to ensure their investment is both fair and responsible.

The generous parishioners of our associated parishes believe so strongly in St. Katharine Drexel’s education experience, they give to allow students the opportunity to attend SKD.

Throughout the year, we do fundraisers that get our families involved and also offer an opportunity to involve your community! We fundraise through service, product sales, and fun events. 

A Little More About Faith Based Covenant

We don't charge tuition at St. Katharine Drexel. Instead, we work with families to pledge a faith based covenant. In gratitude for your blessings received, we ask you to make a prayerful financial investment into your child(ren)’s education. We believe that with parents honestly sharing from their financial wealth, all families will be able to attend St. Katharine Drexel.

  • What if I can't afford the full tuition amount?

    It is okay if you cannot afford to pay the full tuition amount. The amount is given as a guideline for parents to reference when determining what is a reasonable, yet sacrificial amount to invest in your child’s Catholic education.

  • Do I still apply for financial aid?

    No, scholarships are not part of the faith based covenant. The school is funded primarily by parents, parish investments, and school fundraisers.

  • How do I know what to pledge?

    St. Katharine Drexel School asks each family to understand that an honest and prayerful financial investment, and sharing of one’s talents assures a quality, Catholic education for all. We ask the parent’s pledge to be a sacrificial and committed financial investment.

  • What if my financial situation changes throughout the year and I can no longer meet my pledge?

    If your family circumstances have changed, adjustments to your pledge can be made during the school year. Please contact school administration to make necessary adjustments.

  • What if I am not a member of St. Katharine Drexel's affiliated parishes?

    Families who are not members of the sponsoring parishes will need to coordinate with school administration on how to meet the per pupil cost.

Brian and Willow Flaherty

Is it worth the cost?

Absolutely yes! St. Katharine Drexel values people. The school focuses on not just academic learning, but also who the students are becoming. Using the Catholic Faith and Social and Emotional Learning, SKD’s leadership and staff have created a community of learning and connection. The students, parents and staff all know they are each an important part of what makes St. Katharine Drexel so wonderful.

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